Dental crown porcelain metal :
220€ (Hungary),
340€ (Netherlands)

Dental crown porcelain zirconia :
320€ (Hungary),
420€ (Netherlands)

Dental clinic in the netherlands

Prices - Travel and Stay
Prices crowns in The Netherlands and Hungary.
Prices implants in Hungary and The Netherlands.

With the coronavirus, all the materials are more expensive. That's why some dental treatments are a little more expensive too.

Crowns and dentures to replace the tooth/teeth
Hungary    Netherlands 
NON-removable :    
Crown porcelain / metal € 220,- € 340,-  
Crown 100% porcelain / zirconia € 320,- € 420,-
Implant Crown porcelain / metal € 220,- € 340,-
Implant Crown porcelain / zirconia € 320,- € 420,-
Crown porcelain / gold - from € 320,- € 420,-
100% porcelain veneer € 290,- € 390,-
Removable :    
Fixed prosthesis porcelain teeth by :
€ 800,- € 950,-
- Anchoring Mini-SG by sliding
€ 210,- € 250,-
- Anchoring MK1 lock system
€ 190,- € 230,-
Click denture per jaw included 2 implants
€ 3000,- € 3400,-
Click denture per jaw on teeth
€ 1600,- € 1800,-
Click denture per jaw included 4 implants
€ 4400,- € 5100,-
Implants to replace the tooth roots    
Implants :    
Implant titan - from € 500,- € 600,-
Abutment implant titan - from € 200,- € 250,-
Implant zircone - from € 1200,- € 1335,-
If the bone in the Upper jaw is to thin/low, a sinuslift has to be done before placing the implants.
Sinus Lift closed per implant
€ 400,- € 400,-
Sinus Lift Operation per jaw side incl. membrane + bone graft
€ 1500,-
Other :    
Tooth pulling € 50,- € 65,-
Composite filling € 85,- € 85,-
Root canal treatment including white composite filling
€ 140,-
Root canal treatment + Small titanium screw
€ 170,-
Tartar removal + mouth cleaning with high pressure
€ 85,- € 95,-
Laser treatment whole teeth, intensive against infection € 500,-
Temporaly denture each jaw € 250,- € 250,-
Mediation and counseling included   included
Transportation to and from the clinic included 
Diagnosis included   From 30€
Dental costs included  included

You will receive from the dentist an invoice. You can pay your dental treatment; cash, with credit card or by an internet bank transfer.

Travel & Stay

Near Tisza Lake and the river Tisza is located Tiszafüred, thermal baths, natural beauty and a pleasant small town center. You can peacefully restore from your dental treatment or make a trip to the "Puszta" with his horses, see Budapest or visit the picturesque town of Eger.

Airplane: Budapest Airport, transfer to Tiszafüred included.
Also accessible by car and train.

- Pásztor apartments: luxury apartments, located beside the clinic. From € 40 per night

- You can camp at the luxury camping "Thermal-Beach Camping, Web:, within walking distance of the clinic of the dentist.

- 4 * hotel (BalneumThermal Tisza Hotel from € 60, - p / pp / n) Web:

The Netherlands
A visit to the charming town of Valkenburg is at any season a success.
The castles, a coal mine, museums, amusement parks, cable and toboggan run, thermal bath, casino and the caves, making sure that you are not bored.

Nice shops, restaurants, (heated) terraces, the river Geul and the historic buildings [Oldest train station in the Netherlands] are typical of Valkenburg.

Many small villages around Valkenburg are worth a visit and also to admire the surrounding nature, on foot or by bike.

Furthermore, on a short distance; Gaia Zoo, Snow World [skiing] at Kerkrade and the beautiful village Gulpen, Three-countries-point near Vaals.
Centrally located in South Limburg Valkenburg is ideal for a visit to Maastricht, Aachen and Liege [Beautiful boat trip from Maastricht].

Valkenburg has a wide range of accommodations, more than 60 hotels and guest houses!
Also, you can stay in one of the holiday parks or at one of the campsites, in or around Valkenburg a/d Geul.

Valkenburg a/d Geul is easily accessible by public transportation and by car. Should you travel by plane, you can choose from several airports.
Eindhoven Airport, Brussels and Cologne are reachable within 1 hour & there are also good train connections.
Nearby is Aachen Airport - Maastricht.