Dental crown porcelain metal :
220€ (Hungary),
340€ (Netherlands)

Dental crown porcelain zirconia :
320€ (Hungary),
420€ (Netherlands)

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DentalTrips in the medias

*Belgian television TV1, 17 September at 2008. The program VOLT.
By intervention of / ,
the presenter lets himself treated and filmed .

*28.07.08 Radio Belgian, VRT Radio with / DentalTrips.

*On the 11 november 2007 there was a television documentary send from TV Limburg (NL) about our company " / DentalTrips”.

*On 30 October 2007, a television documentary about DentalTrips/VoyagesDentaire. A television team from France stay with our French customers during the treatment.
This reportage was on TF 1 (France) “Le droit de Savoir”.

*Extensive reportage in Standby: magazine, April 2007. / DentalTrips. (Uitgeverij Bohn Stafleu Van Loghum)
The magazine for assistants in dentistry.

*French Article in "Le Parisien" on 13 August 2007 on VoyagesDentaire / DentalTrips in Hungary.
*On the 30 oktober 2007 there was a television documentary send from TF1 (France) "Le droit de savoir ", about our company VoyagesDentaire / DentalTrips and the dental treatments.
*NEWSPAPER : ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY PRESS---Friday, September 1, 2006
IW County Press story No. 1

"A NETTLESTONE man is combining a holiday in Turkey with having dental work carried out and saving himself at least 1500 pound into the bargain. Pensioner Arnold Gifford was told by a private dentist here that he needed nine crowns at a cost of 350 pound to 500 pound each. On the NHS he would be charged around 200 pound for each crown.Horrified at the prices, Mr. Gifford, who was accustomed to travelling extensively overseas while working for Temperature in lake, decided to trawl the internet. He found a website specialising in dentaltrips, and he is now getting all the work done for less than 1000 pound after faxing the paperwork explaining what is required to a dentist in abroad. Batchelor Mr. Gifford, 75, will set off on September 19, having paid 700 pound for two weeks holiday in a good hotel. Part of the deal is that the surgery will be sending a car and an interpreter to pick him up from th hotel each time he goes for treatment. He said:"Since I was a small boy I have had to worry about my teeth. Now I am 75 and retired and although I am not on benefits, it is still a job to live. To ask 350 pound plus a time for a crown is a lot of money, especially when you are on a pension,"said Mr. Gifford. The website he used was "
*IW County Press story No. 2, Friday 13 october, 2006

"It was all smiles for an Islands pensioner who travelled to Turkey for dental treatment . Retired air conditioning engeneer Arnold Grifford horrified at the prices of dental treatment in Britain decided to make the trip after seeing the website ." "Altough only planning to have ten teeth capped he eventuelly had 23 done after being imppressed by the service." "They were all so friendly and happy working together. They had the"IW county press" story about me going out there stuck on the wall. While i was there, there were patients coming from Germany, Amsterdam and the United States. I would recommend it to anyone. I could not fault the treatment, it was better than anything I have had here " said Mr Gifford, 75 of Nettlestone. The work cost Mr. Giffordt about
2600 pound instead of more than 8000 pound which it could have cost in this country. The day after I got back even got a phone call from DentalTrips to see if I was OK ," said Mr. Gifford"

*French Article in "LE POINT "date 14-12-2006 "Santé"
*Article about us in Spain : "" / Turismo Dental? [31/05/2006]

"Sin duda, algo está cambiando en Europa con el establecimiento de las llamadas líneas de bajo coste o low cost. Con la desregulación de la industria aeronáutica realizada por Bruselas en 1990, y con la aparición de Internet, donde es posible reservar y adquirir el billete desde casa, se ha conseguido que cientos de miles de europeos se muevan por Europa a precios realmente módicos. Esto ha provocado que no sólo se pueda hacer un city-break o escapada para conocer una ciudad; acudir a cualquier acontecimiento allá donde sea, sino que además ha permitido que se pueda realizar un turismo de “servicios”
"Pero no sólo desde Inglaterra o a través de una agencia, desde Irlanda, Francia, por ejemplo, empiezan a ser frecuentes los viajes que se realizan con un fin que no es otro que el de acudir a un dentista a miles de kilómetros de distancia debido a sus menores costes en el servicio."
"Otro buen ejemplo podría ser la empresa holandesa que, desde su web www.dentaltrips.comemite pacientes para Turquía con el mismo fin. "

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*Article about us / DentalTrips in Dutch Newspaper "Dagblad de Limburger". 10 Jun 2005.

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